NEW BOOK !  In the Time of the Americans  by Oswald Rivera.



NEW BOOK !  THE CENTURION   by Oswald Rivera.

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NEW BOOK: The Centurion by Oswald Rivera

“It is the first century of the Common Era. Imperial Rome is at the height of its power, with an empire stretching from the moors of Scotland to the sands of Arabia.

It is at this time that in Judea, a remote backwater of the empire.  Marcus Valerianus of the tenth legion, is sent on a scouting mission seeking Jewish rebels. Instead, he encounters a young boy from nearby Nazareth, wandering in the desert.

The boy talks of a “Father” who rules over all, and how he is doing his “Father’s work.” Thus begins the Tale of The Centurion, and the startling secret that will change his life forever . . . . . . . ”

– – – –

Born in Ponce, Puerto Rico in 1945, Mr. Rivera is a product of the New York City public school system and a graduate of City College of the City University of New York.

Rivera received the Puple Heart and Other Medals for his service in Vietnam


He is also a US Marine Corp Combat Veteran.
( Semper Fi )


Oswald resides in New York City and is the author of many books: Fire and Rain , a novel about the Vietnam War; a second novel, The Proud and the Immortal , about the daily lives of the underground homeless people and homelessness in America.


Fire and Rain, The Proud and the Immortal, The Pharaoh's Feast. Puerto Rican Cuisine in America;

Cookbooks:  Puerto Rican Cuisine in America: Nuyorican and Bodega Recipes , The Pharaoh’s Feast , and Feasting with the Ancestors.

All of Mr. Rivera’s books can be found online, or ask for them at your local bookseller.

Master Oswald Rivera has been a member of the Chinese Kung-Fu Wu-Su Association since 1973. He has been instrumental in bringing attention to the Association through his editorial and advertising efforts;  writing for various publications, such as  Black Belt Magazine  and  Inside Kung-Fu.

The Chinese Kung-Fu Wu-Su Association is located on 28 West 27th St,
New York , NY. The phone number is 212 725 0535

Oswald teaches his official class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6pm-8pm. He also teaches in the Sunday class.

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