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Tostones, Fried Green Plantains

The archetypical Puerto Rican side dish. It’s served at breakfast with eggs and ham, at lunch, or with the evening meal whatever the entrée. It’s just plantains, sliced, and deep fried. In Puerto Rican cooking, we fry the slices twice after pressing then to form the patties.… Read more...

New Book: The Centurion

NEW BOOK ! THE CENTURION by Oswald Rivera.

It’s available in Paperback at Amazon.com

Also: Available in Kindle Edition at Amazon.com

NEW BOOK: The Centurion by Oswald Rivera

“It is the first century of the Common Era. Imperial Rome is at the height of its power, with an empire stretching from the moors of Scotland to the sands of Arabia.… Read more...

Tasty Tweets: 55+ Foodies to Follow on Twitter

Tasty Tweets: 55+ Foodies to Follow on Twitter: “

via Mashable

plateWhether you love to cook, or just love to eat, there are plenty of great foodies on Twitter that you can follow. From celebrity foodies you’ll recognize from TV to professional chefs, bloggers, and restaurant critics, many food lovers are tapping into Twitter’s real-time network to offer up recipes, restaurant recommendations (or warnings), and an inside look at life in the kitchen.… Read more...

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